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The Screws

Aren't you glad I didn't take a whole month to update this time? Well, if you're not, I am. Still, the advantage of taking a long time to update is that you get more stuff updated. But, I really do need all those picture sections up, so, that's exactly what I worked on. Oh, and another little thing... my mom and my aunt both said I have carpel tunnel (or hoever you spell that) which means I have this wrist thing cuz I'm always doing stuff on the computer. -Sigh- I have to lay off a bit because if it gets worse, I'll have to get surgery and everything and then I won't be able to draw and work on this site! That's hell for me! -Cough, cough- Anyway, here are the updated.

Well, I put up the Gally section on the Battle Angel page, but there aren't many other Battle Angel pictures i could find, so that's probably one of the only ones that are gonna be up... because the other sections for that page only have like 15 pictures if you put them together... not a lot if you ask me. I also got the Spike section on the Cowboy Bebop page up just so it could go along with the Faye section ^_^ And the Hikaru section is up in the Magic Knight Rayearth page... I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do with that page, though. I was thinking about only putting up the 3 main people of the series and the group section... but then I had a bunch of other pictures for a bunch of other people, so I added some sections for some people and added a collective confusing section called Others ^.^ I got the The Screws section (hehe) up in the Medabots page... they're all just screenshots, though. Oh, well. And, I updated the Yu-Gi-Oh page... I scanned 5 of my Japanes Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards and enlarged them and put 'em up. They don't look that good, but it's so frickin' hard to find Yu-Gi-Oh pictures online!

That's all the updated this week. Next week I'm hoping to get some MultiMedia up... maybe some Audio and WinAmp Skins stuff... but who knows? It might not even be next week that I update! IF I update next week, I might get the Ayeka section on the Tenchi Muyo page up... and probably a few other picture sections, but I'm currently not sure which ones. I'm also hoping to get some summaries up... maybe CardCaptors... maybe Sailor Moon... maybe DragonBall Z. And, if you didn't notice, I didn't get the Aw Interactive page working yet... but you know I will eventually.

Oh, and look up to the stars... or, rather, the planets cuz there's a planetery alignment that begins... well, yesterday. It ends around May 4 though (Tomb Raider!). It's only 5 of the planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn that are aligning (not colliding, aight Chad). They told me that you can see it with the naked up, but I looked yesterday and I couldn't tell the difference between star or planet (or even airplane). ¿_¿ «supposed 2 look like someone crying.

Okay, well that's it for this week. Peace out!

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